Human physiology and biophysics


A brief history

Department of Physiology, was founded in 1945 by Professor A.A.Zubkov, Honored Scientist of the MSSR, a representative of the scientific school of distinguished professor M.Shaternikov, disciple of I.M.Sechenov. In becoming of A.A.Zubkov as a scientist played the role a wide spectrum of his scientific works  - from the secretion of the pancreas, to study the role of the reticular formation in the nervous system. He had an impressive teaching and oratorical qualities. During years 1946-1951 the department was headed by Associate Professor E.Kuchinsky. In the years 1951-1967 the management of department returned to its founder – Professor A.A.Zubkov, and in the years 1967-1988 the department was headed by Professor O.S.Sherstneva. This period of the history of the department was marked by strengthening of the material and technical base of the department, as well as the development of the methodology of the educational process and scientific research. Name of the department changed to “Normal physiology.” In 1966, at the department was introduced a course of biophysics, which was consistently taught by A.A.Zubkov, A.I.Saulea, A.V.Babin, I.V.Kyaburu. One of the significant achievements of the department was the edition of a textbook of physiology (1966, 1972), among the authors of which was A.A.Zubkov, then translated (1991) in the Romanian by the stuff of the department.
In 1988 the head of the department became A.Saulea M.D., PhD., Professor, corresponding member of the RomanianAcademy of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist RM. The field of scientific and pedagogical activities of the department expanded to include clinical disciplines. The name of the department was changed, respectively, into “Physiology and Medical Rehabilitation.” In this period there was a continued development and modernization of the educational process and scientific research at the department:  the educational and scientific equipment was renewed, the elements of virtual physiology were implemented, the monographs, textbooks and compendiums for students were published.

In 2009, the department was reorganized under its current name, “Human Physiology and Biophysics.” Head of the Department becomes V.Vovc, M.D., Ph.D., Professor. During this period, the department updated the room, continuing to improve the material and technical base of the department – training rooms are equipped with computers and visual aids (LCD – TV), introduced the problem method of training, the training package expands virtual programs in physiology.